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xeo® is CUTERA’s completely customizable workhorse, with options to accommodate the preferred solutions for any practice. Simply put, xeo has more configuration possibilities than any multi-application platform on the market. It’s the ultimate aesthetic workstation, designed to give practices the power to adapt—today and for years to come.

  • Three tunable technologies (1064/IPL/2790)
  • Proprietary truPulse™—Nd:YAG technology
  • Real-time calibration system
  • 20+ treatment options
  • More configurations and treatment parameters to address a broad range of conditions
  • All-year-round procedural options
  • Contact Cooling with Nd:YAG/IPL—before, during and after each pulse
  • NO downtime (Nd:YAG/IPL)
  • Safe for all skin types (Nd:YAG/IPL)
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • Upgradable, expandable