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Non-invasive Body Contouring

The SCIZER provides the solution for getting rid of stubborn fat bulges in multiple areas of the body which exercising and dieting alone can’t achieve. A treatment procedure that guarantees convenience, comfort, and effective results for maximum patient satisfaction.


  • Larger Spot Size Equal Distribution
  • Hand-Pieces Customized & Simultaneous Use
  • Shorter Procedure Times Fast & Convenient
  • The Results Absolute & Effective Body Contouring
  • Less Pain Contact Cooling Control


Benefits for Patients

  • Guaranteed size reduction
  • Non-invasive and NO anesthetics required
  • 15-20 minute treatments with NO downtime
  • Convenience and comfort-focused
  • No pre or post treatment requirements


Benefits for Physicians

  • Safe and effective alternative to invasive surgery
  • Simultaneous and customized use of hand-pieces
  • Larger spot size and larger treatment focus
  • Fast and efficient treatment procedures
  • Highly profitable and quick turnover on investment