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The powerful, fast and advanced Dual Yellow laser laser, with solid state electronics, is a proven choice for physicians around the world.

The Dual Yellow uniquely produces two wavelengths – 578 nm yellow and 511 nm green. Each wavelength is powered by our copper bromide based technology to penetrate deeply, without creating collateral damage. The Dual Yelllow multi wavelength laser eliminates the need for other aesthetic lasers, with proven results for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick I – VI scale.

With the Dual Yellow laser system, aesthetic practices can provide the most popular treatments including laser rejuvenation, laser scar and stretch mark treatment, pigment clearance, vascular treatment and melasma.


  • 578nm wavelength perfectly matches the absorption peak of both haemoglobin and proto porphyrin 9
  • FEM® Technology: combination of the perfect wavelength, the perfect penetration depth and the perfect power density
  • Safely treat all skin types, including Fitzpatrick type IV, V and VI
  • Painless and gentle procedure with no down time
  • Wide variety of treatment spot size
  • Multiple pre-programmed settings and user programmable buttons
  • The most versatile laser platform on the market

Laser Specifications

Download the Dual Yellow laser specification sheet


Single optic fibre delivery with 6 spot size choices ranging from 0.6mm up to 10 mm with both wavelengths for ease of use and increased treatment speeds. Delivery devices are all light weight and easy to manipulate, reducing operator fatigue.

Optiview Light

The Optiview system uses the latest white light LED technology and polarisation
filters to produce the clearest view of sub-surface lesions.

LED Technology

LED lighting technology has many benefits as compared to other forms of
lighting. LED units last significantly longer than incandescent and halogen with a
20% increase in brightness. LEDs are better for the environment during their
operational life as it contains no mercury or heavy metal.

Polarising filter

The High power LED with cool white light (approx. 6500K) is now with integrated
polarising filter which can be rotated to reduce reflections of the skin.
Polarisation stops surface reflections and aids in the view of sub-surface lesions
in particular vascular lesions.

Two light levels

Light level at maximum setting at 0.4m distance is approximately 2000 Lux. At
lower setting, it is approximately 1100 Lux.

The Perfect light for Dual Yellow treatments

This light is ideal for use with the Dual Yellow laser. Using the Optiview light
with the Dual Yellow laser can increase the treatment efficiency.


Overall height: 1.6m
Base diameter: 185mm
Power supply: 12V plug pack 100-240 V AC – 50-60Hz
Plug pack has 4 clip on adapters: EU – USA – UK – AUS
The spot size at 0.4m distance is approximately 130mm


Green 511nm wavelength offers excellent absorption for pigmented lesions with no dermal damage.

511nm green wavelength targets pigmented lesions, ideally absorbed by melanin contained within melanocytes. The laser produces 1700W/cm2 in green to rapidly coagulate pigmented lesions without collateral damage.
511nm green light is ideal to treat pigmented lesions such as Naevi or pigmented scars.

Dual Yellow 578

Yellow 578nm wavelength produced by the Dual Yellow laser is delivered at the peak absorption for haemoglobin, making it the preferred choice for vessel treatment. The yellow light provides also excellent results for Acne treatment and photo rejuvenation.

Vascular using 578nm yellow output

578nm yellow wavelength targets vascular lesions, matching the absorption of haemoglobin exactly. The laser produces 700W/cm2 in yellow to rapidly photo coagulate vessels without peri vascular damage. Instant coagulation of vessels occurs and the vessels immediately disappear.

Acne/PDT using 578nm yellow output

578nm yellow wavelength is perfect for treating active acne. A large amount of Proto Porphorin 9 (PPIX) exists within P. Acnes bacteria. PPIX is light sensitive at 578nm, destroying the bacteria while shrinking the sebaceous gland.

Rejuvenation using 578 yellow output

Visible yellow laser light at 578nm is strongly absorbed by haemoglobin. The benefits are visible immediately during and after treatment with the reduction or elimination of vascular abnormalities. After 1 treatment, collagen production has increased significantly, with reduction of vascular endothelial growth factors, and therefore the production of melanin.


The Y10G wavelength is a special combination of 578 nm and 511 nm which is necessary when treating Melasma and Lentigines.

Setting the gold standard for Melasma treatment.

Clinical studies have shown that Dual Yellow multi wavelength laser is effective in treating and clearing Melasma with the unique combination of dual wavelength of 511nm and 578nm.

Increased Vascular Endothelial Growth factor (VEGF) and the vascular nature of melasma have been well established as the principal contributor to continued hyper pigmentation known as melasma. It is essential that VEGF and vascularity can be targeted well into the dermis without damage to overlying structures or causing collateral damage.


The G30Y wavelength is a special combination of 511 nm and 578 nm that produces over 2000 W/cm2 to ablate tissue but is bloodless in action.

Combined yellow 578nm and green 511nm wavelengths target bulky lesions. When combined, these wavelengths produce a beam of over 2000 W/cm2, powerful enough to ablate tissue, but bloodless in operation. Such a power enables Instant ablation of superficial tissue, removing blemishes such as seborrhoeic keratosis immediately, with permanent results.


FEM® stands for Fast Edge Micropulse. The real power of FEM® is the steeply rising pulse of yellow light, and then rapid decrease, delivering 3kW of peak power exactly where it is needed. FEM® produces 3 kW pulses each of 90 micro joules thus causing no thermal damage. The Norseld Dual Yellow laser is the only laser on the market able to produce 22,000 micropulses per second and create a photochemical reaction in the dermis treating Melasma, Skin rejuvenation and Acne.

FEM Technology works in 3 keys areas Penetration Depth, Collateral Damage, Treatment Efficacy

Penetration Depth

This is vital to deliver the right amount of energy without causing and collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.

Collateral Damage

Dual Yellow delivers 22,000 nanosecond pulses and is able to change the cell structure, necrose vessels, suppress VEG F without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue

Treatment Efficacy

By combining high peak power (3kw) and a train of nanosecond pulses, the Dual Yellow Copper Bromide Laser provides the best treatment platform for the user and patient

In applying these unique attributes of the FEM® technology, we achieve long term results; avoid collateral damage, pain and other side effects.