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BallVic W Shampoo is the daily-use product which
helps to improve hair volume and strength for women.


Promoting Hair Growth
Glycogen Complex– Promote cell division by supplying nutrition to germinal matrix

Stimulation Hair Growth

DHT Blocker
Serenoa Serrulata Fruit ExtractI-Lipidosterolic extract from coconut tree blocks 5αR Type 1&2

P.MarsupiumBark Complex-Prevent scalp aging by reducing the rate of telogen effluvium and anti-agin

Anti-hair loss effect

Nutrition Balance
Isoflavone- Supply essential proteins for hair growth

Zinc, Mg– Balance essential minerals for hair

Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B7– Balance essential vitamins


  • Prevent hair loss in females by decreasing hair in telogen stage
  • Provides essential nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to correct hormone imbalance
  • Protects scalp condition with pH 5.5 and anti-inflammatory ingredients


  • Volume: 500ml


Massage your scalp for 1 min. and leave on the scalp for 3 min. for better absorption of active ingredients and rinse out.