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BallVic Transform Shampoo and Solution are products which are used for post hair transplantation care in order to increase the survival rate of grafts.


Honey complexsuppressing excessive scab formation

Hexamidine diisethionate anti-microbial
Ammonium Glycyrrhizate Complex- calming & anti-inflammatory


  • BallVic Transform Shampoo is a spray-type shampoo for the patient’s convenience, anti-bacterial, made with mild surfactant which is even milder than the one in baby shampoo, and maintaining the scalp moist with highly enriched ingredients.
  • BallVic Transform Solution soothes inflammation, itchiness, and swelling immediately, maintains the scalp moist with highly enriched ingredients, and prevents crust formation in order to increase the survival rate of grafts.




Volume: Shampoo 100ml + Solution 50ml


BallVic Transform Shampoo
Use at least 3 hours after the surgery. Wet the transplanted area and spray evenly and leave on for 1~3 min. Rinse gently on running water without using hand.
BallVic Transform Solution
Spray on the transplanted area with an interval of 30 min. right after the surgery, with an interval of 2~3 hours for the next 3 days to keep the moist on the scalp.