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Over the years of ceaseless to provide innovative and stable solution to physicians patients, AGNES has became one of the most dynamic and innovative developers of the RF energy-basesd aesthetic and medical treatment system. Developing our own system and treatment protocols, our mission is to orovide the satisfaction to physicians and the opportunity of success and growth to our partners. Our innovation will continue and we care for your success and satisfaction.


RF System 1MHz, Mono-polar & Bi-polar

  • Square Form Wave minimizes the deviation of energy to adjacent tissues and maximizes the effectiveness of RF energy delivery.

Safety and Guaranteed Result of Treatment

  • Agness is equipped with the safety checking system for the micro insulatedneedle.
  • The microinsulation and needle protects the epidermis from the skin burns.
  • The length of insulation and needle is the result of anatomical and clinical study of years.
    Just follow the easy-to-do treatment protocols and the prognostics will always be predictable and manageable.
  • Using partially insulated needle. The upper part of needle is insulated to prevent skin burn. The lower part is not insulated to destroy sebaceous glands
  • Using RF apparatus with special wave

Safe and effective therapeutic modality for acne

Safety & Specialties

  1. RF system: 1Mhz. Monopolar & Bipolar

Square wave form- minimal injury to adjacent tissues. Monopolar handpiece is for destruction of sebaceous gland. Bipolar handpiece is for melting sebum and skin tightening

  1. Excellent safety: Needle checking system

It can check insulation status of needle very easily. If there is any damage on insulating coating, it causes epidermal burn

  1. Microinsulated needle: 2 type & Disposable

Microinsulated needle technology can destroy the sebaceous glands without epidermal burn


AGNES is ultimate solution for acne.

AGNES destroys the sebaceous glands in selective and permanent way. In other words, it will destroy the source of acne to treat it.


Bag under eyes make you more tired & older than you really are. Transform to young eyes without incision & surgery. AGNES gives you the solution for the treatment of eye bag & eye wrinkle by using RF micro-insulated needle


AGNES is an effective treatment modality for periorbital wrinkles which is difficult to treat with Botulinum toxin or filler injections.

Wrinkle reduction